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    How to extract from a database specific parts of a video using timestamps?

    I have to develop an application in which on one computer, a user can enter a keyword on a web interface, this keyword is then passes onto another machine on LAN.

    Using that keyword, the timestamps corresponding to that keyword are then selected and using those timestamps, videos corresponding to those timestamps are transmitted across the LAN... Assume the videos and timestamps are on a media server.

    What language and how I can do this thing? i know that the client web interface can be designed using php... and databases maybe can be made using mysql + wamp server on media server side...???????

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    Using PHP you can get the last modified timestamp from a file:

    So, what I would do in this case, is have a database with all of your timestamps in, which could be automatically entered or do it yourself, and then the user simply searches the database for the timestamp using the keyword. As to 'transmitted' across your LAN, I assume you mean that the files are just being played/presented to your user.

    PHP is a good choice, but if it's a static setup (i.e. only one end user, and the network is fairly simple), then you could just use a desktop application. Would be a lot simpler.

    Post back if you want more help. I'm learning PHP/SQL right now as well.



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