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    Just wondering - does anyone still use Fireworks any more?

    I used to use it when I first started doing web work, and it was a Macromedia product. When Photoshop first included ImageReady, I dropped Fireworks and I've used Photoshop pretty much exclusively since to do my web graphics.

    When I got the CS4 Master Collection, I was quite surprised to find that Fireworks was still included. I didn't even bother installing it though.

    Should I have?

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    Hello Friends........

    Yes Fireworks is still in use
    Over the years Fireworks has been a tool that visual designers, developers, interaction designers, art directors, and production artists have relied on to design, prototype and produce amazing designs for the screen.

    As the complexity and scope of web sites and applications grew, there became a clear need to prototype and share designs and interaction concepts with clients and partners before significant time went into final production. This key role is what Fireworks focused on in the most recent version, increasing rapid-prototyping capabilities and output options.


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    You have to install plugin for it, its avaible in internet. and try to check in filters, it is also avaible on it.
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    A lot of people still use Fireworks. You can integrate your images easily into Dreamweaver and it's a wonderful graphics program. I use Photoshop mostly myself but I'd like to get back to doing web design work in Fireworks soon.

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