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    Shopping: HDD/Flash Camcorder + Final Cut Express

    We're looking for a HDD or Flash memory camcorder. Our budget is $500. For that amount, we would like:

    • A good quality picture
    • The ability to easily copy the video from the camera and drop it into Final Cut Express (FCE)
    • Decent zoom

    We are not so much concerned with the ability to apply lenses, take snapshots, have in-cam filters and effects.

    The purpose of the camera is to be a backup shot for our primary camera (Canon GL2). So, if the Canon goes dead during recording or the subject walks out of frame, we'll be able to adapt quickly. The Canon is being pushed directly into FCE (through a Canopus). If we needed the video from this new camcorder, we want to be able to pull the video right from the camera and drop it into FCE.

    So, what would suggest? I'll be checking this thread quite a bit and will be available to answer questions.

    I hope I've asked an intelligent question (and that I get intelligent answers!)

    Thanks all.

    God is good all the time!
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    I'd suggest looking at another Canon (maybe the FS400) since you have a better chance of matching the look of a camera from the same manufacturer.

    I think the FS400 meets your criteria.

    Allan Barnwell


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