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    Video Services

    Hi, does it possible to promote our Video Submission/Promotion Services on the "Video forum"?


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    Thanks for asking but the short answer is no, unless you're prepared to work for it. Like pretty much every forum on the net, we don't allow people to come in and post advertisements for themselves. If you'd like to promote your services here, the best thing you can do is get involved in the discussions. After you've posted 10 messages you're allowed to have a signature with a link to your website. If you're a good contributor people will notice your sig and it's actually quite a good way of getting quality traffic, since people already feel they know and trust you. The catch, of course, is that it requires a fair bit of effort.

    That's true of any forum. If you find a forum that allows you to post self-promotion with no effort, it's almost certainly a dud forum.
    Dave Owen


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