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    Manual for Panasonic FZ5 EG

    I have tried unsuccessfully to download a user manual for a Panasonic FZ5EG, can anyone help ?
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    Here's the manual for the FZ5 PP. I don't know what the difference is but I'm guessing EG is the European version. Is it the same camera as yours?

    Edit: The location of our manuals has changed so the link in this message has been removed. Please go to our database of user manuals and use the search form. If you can't find the manual, post a message in this forum.
    Dave Owen

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    Thanks for the manual. Great job!!

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    Thanks - I dont know if this is the same - I have only just ordered the camera!It was a most impressive response. The Panasonic Customer Support admit they are having problems with the Download Center, the manual I need is listed but does not down load!


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    Allan Ogg
    Just managed to download the manual for this from

    Just search for DMC-FZ5

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    Thank you

    I have tried that , found the manual but it will not download - Panasonic admit they have a problem - presumably it down loaded for you. Could you e mail it to me at if that is not too much trouble.

    Kind Regards

    Postscript, Please ignore this message - I have changed my security settings and have now downloaded successfully.
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