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    I need your guys help for editing a video!!!

    Hi! I'm a media student and i have been asked to make a fashion real for a fashion student.

    Here's the sort of video she wants me to make.

    Basically I've got a studio to use and everything but I need your guys advice on how to make it!

    How would i edit the video to give those mirrored shots used throughout? I've got all Adobe CS5 collection.

    Is it possible to re-create a smoke affect like in the video in editing? (as i cant use smoke in the studio :/ )

    Do you guys have an tutorials or help on this sort of thing?

    filming starts tuesday and its really important for my uni work so any help would be great! thanks!!!!!

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    Premiere Pro CS5 comes with a mirror effect that does exactly what you want. In the effects panel go to Video Effects > Distort > Mirror. You'll need to adjust the reflection centre, and maybe play around with keyframes to get various cool effects.

    For the smoke, the easiest thing is probably to purchase some smoke assets that you can key over the footage. For example, go to this page:

    Click "Download a comp", which will give you a low-resolution version to practice with (it also has a watermark but don't worry about that for now). In Premiere Pro, add this clip to your timeline in a layer above the existing footage. Right-click the clip and select "Scale to Frame Size". Add the Luminance Key effect to the smoke and you should see it superimposed nicely.

    You'll need to find a few different smoke assets - if you use the same one over and over it will look fake. And I'm sure you can find some better examples than the one I've given you.
    Dave Owen

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