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    Delaying video broadcast

    Hi there, I have been asked to embed a video clip on a web page but should also have some instruction to the page that says....hey html page - broadcast this clip this video at this time - for example - 08:30pm! is this possible and if yes how do i go about. the clip is on you tube....and the web page is pure html code! thanking you in advance

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    That won't be easy. A couple of questions for you:

    (1) Is this a one-off event or something you want to repeat?
    (2) Can you clarify what you mean by broadcasting the video at a certain time? Do you want the video to sit there waiting to start, then have it automatically start playing back at 8:30? Or do you want the page to not show the video at all until 8:30, at which time it becomes available on the page?
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