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    Transparency Question

    I am a pretty new at Photoshop, but I have images that need to have a transparent background for web purposes. However the images do not have a clipping path, nor does it have an additional layer! How do I make the background transparent?????? I tried the magic wand but it grabs some of the image I need to keep and misses some areas. Help please!!!!
    Thank you

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    By the way I am using Adobe Photoshop 6

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    Going on a few unknows...

    Your image is or will be a .gif or .jpg for the web...
    You have a full version of PS that will allow you to make a layer...
    And the image you want to look "transparent" will have a solid color under it...

    Open the image in PS.

    Make a new layer. (in tool bar at top) Layer>New>Layer. Name it if you like, but leave all other settings the same.

    The orignal image layer will be named "Background" and unless you name it the new empty layer will be "Layer 1"

    Highlight the orginal background layer and go to the tool bar again. Layer>New>Layer From Background. This will make the Background layer and editable PS layer. It will call itself "Layer 0."

    Click and drag the new empty layer "Layer 1" under the orginal newly named layer "Layer 0"

    Highlight the empty layer. If the web page background does have a sold color background this gets very hard to make. So lets hope you have a solid color and just say it's pink...

    Go to the "Swatches" palette and pick a color.

    Now fill the new "Layer 1" with that color. Edit>Fill... On the popup click the dropdown next to "Use:" and if the color picked was the foreground color select that option. Check the "Opacity" is set to 100% Click "OK" and the empty layer will be filled. Highlight the orginal art layer.

    In the Layers palette you have a "Opacity:" setting. To adjust the setting by eye and not % click the right pointing arrow and adjust the slidder to the transparentancy of your liking.

    At this point it should just be a matter of saving the file in the needed type. The .jpg setting will ask for some settings. Without making this very long, the lower the quality you pick the worse the image will look, but the file will be smaller and load faster.

    Tip: Save the multi-layered file as a PhotoShop (.psd) file in case you need to readjust.

    Hope this helps (no points off for typos)

    God's Blessing
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