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    Streaming information

    This is my first time on your sight. I am a complete beginner. My organization is considering using streaming video for 3 live events that we are planning. Each event would be one hour and would include an oral presentation together with power point presentation. We anticipate receiving off location questions through an internet connection. We will hire a professional to do this and the events will be hosted by them for 6 - 12 months.

    OK.... Here's my question. We do not want to lose this presentation at the point that the streaming company stops hosting it. Is there a way for us to save this on our website so that once the hosting contract is over, it can be accessed thru our site? What would we have to do in order to make this happen? We are working with limited financial resources, so cost will be a factor in our decision.

    Thank you for any information that you can give me.

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    Hi Gary,

    Absolutely - this should not be a problem. I would recommend making it part of the contract. Just tell the people doing the job that you want an archived copy supplied on disk. You can then do whatever you want with the file, including putting it on your website.

    Make sure there are no copyright restrictions on the archived copy - some companies like to retain copyright or have other restrictions on use. IMO this is unfair - you should own the copyright. In any case, as long as you are all clear on the conditions you should be fine.
    Dave Owen

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    thank you.......

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    Hello Gary,

    There is another solution to your problem.
    There is a company that I use to run Cafe Scientifique San Diego-a forum where ordinary men and women discuss topical issues in science, medicine and technology. We have our discussions live and it is instantaneously recorded and available for immediate post meeting viewing.

    I am able to push slides and I am able to ask questions. Responses to questions are presented to the moderator instantaneously-he/she can adapt presentation to reflect the audiences response. The audience is able to participate by typing in their questions too.

    The quality is really good. Here is a link to our August (08/06/2005) presentation on "Disaster Preparedness" -

    Gary, the video vault in which my presentations are kept is mine to manage/control. I can keep it for as long as I want. All I need do is provide a link on my website. This way, it does not affect the loading of my website. I can also make it for public or private viewing.

    There are no contracts to sign. The production is yours to do with as you find fit. And copyright is yours too.
    You also mentioned cost. I don't know what you have been quoted. We also run on a limited budget. I do not host more than 50 people online at any one time. So the cost would depend on how many simultaneous viewer you have. Live accounts start from US$40/month. I don't know which part of the world you are from......the company's products can be used worldwide. See this link for pricing information

    In addition to capturing and storing your Live presentations and slides indefinitely (until you erase them), you have access to live video instant messaging, video email, KallKey.
    You may also want to check these sites out:

    I hope this has provided some answers for you Gary.

    Copperman, San Diego, USA

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    Correct URL for the live broadcast


    This link may work for the broadcast in August:

    Apologies for the incorrect url in my previous reponse.


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