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    How to Make a Search Form With Multiple Search Options > Style Issues

    Im having some major issues with the style options on using your tutorial with the search form with multiple search options. I am including a link to download a zip containing the site.

    I am editing out some portions but the gist of it will be there.

    I am having issues with the site appearing differently in IE8 and Firefox also I can't seem to style the drop down. I want it to look the same in both IE8 and FF. In IE8 the drop down doesn't match the search box. In FF They nearly match but the letters in the drop down is all caps. How can I change the styling in both so they match?

    If you wouldn't mind taking a look and seeing what you would change.


    Download link for .zip file (Link only good for 7 days)

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    I apologize I was able to resolve my issues before I received any responses or help here.

    Thanks anyways.


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