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    Minimum ohm rating on speakers

    I am new here...and this is my second post....I am still actually waiting on my first post to...well post

    I am a novice at best when it comes to sound engineering...We recently bought an EV ELX118 and noticed that it has a minimum ohm rating of 6.7 ohms...this doesn't concern me with the sub as we have no intention of running them at lower than 8, but it made me curious as to whether or not the ELX112s that we are considering getting also have a min. ohm rating...and they do of 7 ohms. I can only guess that that means you can't run them daisy chained which would make it a 4 ohm load. (is "in parallel" and "daisy chained " the same thing?) Up until now I have never heard of a minimum ohm rating for speakers, and am curious as to the reasoning behind it. The other thing is that in the manual It has a guide for recommended configurations and therein a chart which leads me to believe that you can run them all the way down to a 2 ohm load...I am a little confused

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    The ohm ratings of your speakers is very important. You just have to make sure that the output of your amplifier is configured to run at that impedance. Also, daisy chaining speakers means that they are in Parallel.


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