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    Subwoofer only works intermittently

    Hey guys,

    I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me with this. I have a big 5-year-old Bush DVDAV11K subwoofer (8 Ohm impedance, 230-240V 50Hz) hooked up to my laptop, and two smaller speakers working through the subwoofer. The speakers work fine, but some days the subwoofer works and other days it produces nothing at all.

    I've taken it apart and all of the wires seem fine. I've disconnected and reconnected the connections and they seem fine. But it still only works every second day. (It's working now for example for the first time this week).

    Does anyone have any advice?



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    Can nobody help with this one? I admit that I'm a noob, but it's for that reason that I need some basic help: I don't know what I'm doing!


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    Hi Ryan,

    Although I'm not familiar with that particular piece of equipment, let's start off with basics. If you're hooked up your computer, what is the output impedance because it needs to match your speaker input. Does the sub-woofer, have a built-in amp? If not, then maybe your computer output isn't beefy enough to move a sub-woofer. On the days it does work, does it work, "normally"?
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    Hi SC,

    My two little speakers say "Impedence 4 Ohms", while the subwoofer says "Impedence 8 Ohms". I don't know where to find out what the output impedence of my computer is though. Could you tell me where to look?

    I also don't know for certain if the subwoofer has a built-in amp or not (I've taken it apart and haven't seen one, but then again wouldn't know what to look for).

    I imagine though that my computer's output is sufficient: for years I have gotten great sound from the speakers, and great powerful bass from the subwoofer.

    Thanks a million for your help. Please let me know what you think,


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    Hi again everyone,

    I have since replaced the cable leading from the laptop to the subwoofer.

    Strangely, the problem has now mutated. Instead of producing bass only every second day, now the main problem is that it is producing a low-level rumbling all the time, even when it's got no input going into it at all.

    In the past it used to emit a low-level thudding, and as I've written above, the bass used to cut out completely sometimes.

    People have spoken a lot about "the amplifier in the subwoofer", but I honestly don't even know if there is one. How can I find out?

    It has also been suggested that the coils/voice coils could be gone.

    Can anyone help?


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    Hi Ryan

    You may try using a different soundcard on your computer or just use an external soundcard.
    and try connecting again your desktop speakers. Let me know if it solved the problem.


    Lou-Riz Garcia


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