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Thread: NovaBlox C-4

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    NovaBlox C-4

    Does anybody know what this is used for?

    It is says nova blox C4 is the model. It looks like a real nice piece of equipment.
    I hooked an svideo up to input 1 and then out to an lcd on svideo in. Did not get a signal through it.

    It powers up and looks like you can scroll through inputs 1-4, It has a remote plug on the back that is the same size as a phone jack. Their is not any rs-232, usb, or ethernet jacks on this, so I figure this is a standalone unit. I think I could control it through a dtmf signal with a standard phone plugged in.

    My thought on this unit is that it is used for color correction.

    Paul Wood

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    Could it be a transcoder or something?

    In your second picture, down in the very bottom left of the unit itself there is the ending 'coder-1' - transcoder instantly springs to mind. Perhaps you need a controller/control unit to change the transcoding settings, hence why you are not getting any output.

    I'm afraid I haven't seen this before.


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    NovaBlox systems were designed to be customizable systems based on which NovaCards you install into them. They do all kinds of video processing, so the only way to determine exactly what this was supposed to do is to open the box and get the specifics about which NovaCards are installed.

    Allan Barnwell

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