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    Basic stereo vs mono doubts


    I am working on embedded systems and am totally confused about stereo and mono signals.

    If i plug in a TRS connector to the laptop... what output do i get? I read up on the forum that TRS connector can give both balanced mono and unbalanced stereo. How do i know what sort of signal is being sent?

    On the system that i am working on, i connected the TRS cable from the laptop to the Line In port of the audio codec. When playing music on the PC, the sound recorded was very noisy. By playing around with the codec settings that the Line In port was in single ended mode. When i made that differential, things improved drastically. Does that mean that the input coming in was balanced stereo signal?

    I was going through the various posts on the forum and the more i read, more confused i got.

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    Hi There

    Your computer output via soundcard is considered high impedance. and they are still unbalanced. even through they are terminated by a TRS. You may try using a converter of unbalance to balance. Or better yet use an audio interface either USB or firewire to have a better audio coming out from your pc. Let me know if you still need further information regarding this!


    Lou-Riz Garcia


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