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    James got your questions answered before I could get back and post. But just to add further value to the discussion, I would recommend becoming acquainted with some common codecs on whichever platform (PC, Mac) you are using. Understanding the hierarchy of a few handy codecs (from least compressed to most compressed) is very helpful when making choices about what format to work with in any given software. While technically not a codec, uncompressed files are the "ultimate" quality goal. Blackmagic and AJA both have "codecs" for the uncompressed avi and mov files which are free - though I highly recommend picking up any of the affordable cards from either of these manufactures if your budget allows. Sometimes being able to capture the playback of your video directly into your system using a capture card (directly to a codec of your choosing) is the simplest/fastest way to good results. Though you will want to ensure your system has fast enough storage if you intend to capture and playback real uncompressed video. A good alternative high-quality editing codec is Apple Pro Res, or on the PC Cineform.

    I've drifted off topic, but this seemed like related advice that might not be obvious for some new video editors.

    Allan Barnwell

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    Thanks Allan. I appreciate the advise. Dana

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