Hello all,
Hoping that you can give me some assistance on this topic, I am having a real hard time to figure this one out:

We are in the process of shooting some "game fishing footage etc" of the coast of South Africa, most the fishing is done off Jet skis, and here is where the sound problem comes in, on the jet skis we will have commonly 3 HD waterproof cameras which is in casings, the cameras donít have the options of having a microphone plugged into the camera through the casings and as you can imagine the sound quality is terrible. The main camera (which will be used from a larger boat) will not be around all the skis all of the time, so itís pointless trying to get sound to it wireless. My thinking was to get individual good quality sound recorders for each of the Jet ski`s with a clip on mike attached to the rider, the recorder itself will have to be housed in a waterproof housing because the odds are that it will get wet at some point especially through the launch, then to sync it to the video when editing.. makes any sense?
Is there a product out there that could do this? if you have any other better ideas it will be much appreciated!!
Typically I would want clear sound of the rider when speaking, but also would like some ambient audio as well is possible.

Thanks in advance!!!