Hello everybody! I stumbled across your forum, and it seems to me that there aren't as many uptight sound guy types here as some other forums that I have been to I am looking forward to sharing

Before I get ahead of my self let me list our gear so you know what we are working with:
Allen & Heath Mix Wizzard3 16:2
Qsc 2450
Qsc 1450
Qsc Gx5
(2)DBX 266XL compressor/gate
(1)Allesis 3630 Compressor
(2)DBX 231 Equalizers
(1)bbe Sonic Maximizer
(1) DBX 223 crossover
(2) Yamaha S115V
(2) Yamaha BR12M
(1) EV ELX118
(2) wharfdale SVP-12pm

So My main concern is setting the crossover correctly...But I also would like to be sure that everything else in the signal chain makes sense as well so here is how we have it set up:

Mixer L out> EQ1 channel 1>Sonic Maximizer Channel 1>Crossover Channel 1>High out >mains amp
Low sum>sub amp

Mixer R out>EQ1 Channel 2>Sonic Maximizer Channel 2>Crossover Channel 2>High out>mains amp

Mixer Aux 1 & 2 out > EQ 2 >monitor amp

So thats our set up...I think its right but i too often second guess my self.
My bigger concern is how to set the crossover.....EV suggests to set it at 30hz...but the 223 only goes down to 45hz, and the tops are 55hz-20khz, so I assume that I will just setting it at 45hz would be tour best option. Am I understanding this stuff yet?

Thanks in advance for your help!