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    computer noise on speakers

    I have some new Samson Resolv A8 monitors for my home recording studio that are "shielded for a/v use". They are picking up interference from my iMac such as mouse movement, and noise as files load. It is making a static kind of noise with the movement. I've moved the speakers a few feet away, no difference. Volume down on computer, no difference. Move around audio cables plugged into the speakers, no difference. Wireless or non wireless mouse, no difference. Lift ground, no difference. I've turned the volume control on the speakers themselves way down, which helps a lot but when I put the level where I truly want it, it is very noticeable. It happens whether the speakers get their output through my Apogee One or directly from the computer. When I shut down the computer, they are supper quiet. Any ideas on how to fix this? It is very background but enough to really bother me. Thank you for any suggestions!

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    This may be because of some grounded cable you are using on your computer. You can very well try to unplug the speaker and see if the issue gets resolved. If it does, then you have to change your cables in order for them to work.

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    Hi Julia

    Computer connectors and ports are all unbalanced meaning commercially terminated or what they call high impedance audio. You need to have a converter of unbalance to balance. Balanced cabling are at low impedance terminated by 3 pins. One thing more it is always good to use a shielded cable for your sound system. you can ask your pro-audio shop around you. Using balanced audio via shielded cable will help your system to have better audio eliminating the electro magnetic statics and frequency interference. Let me know if you still need further details about is!


    Lou-Riz Garcia

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    used to have same problem then i separated PC and audio system power sources and the noise disappeard


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