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Thread: Canon XL1

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    Canon XL1

    Hello everyone,
    Quick question(s), I have a Canon XL1 and I had some battery problems with it. The battery it came with drained really fast, and well it looked sort of old so I just thought it was the battery. So I ordered two new batteries for it and they work fine, but on the camcorder screen it keeps showing this little sign that means the battery is not working correctly. So my question is how do I get rid of that thing that says its not working? And If the camcorder keeps showing that sign even though I have new batteries, what could that mean for my camcorder?

    Thanks you!

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    Are the new batteries actually Canon batteries, or are they 3rd party?

    Some cameras will indicate a power difference with 3rd party batteries. Not sure if this is the case with the XL1.

    Allan Barnwell
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    Hey Iceman-
    If your batteries are new - you should really exchange them. Are they an exact replacement or substitute? Or do you have an external charger that may be in question? In either case, try to exchange them. If that doesn't get resolve, then you'll have to get your camera examined.
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    Thanks for the tips guys, I'll see what I can do about the batteries. I don't think they are exact copies or manufactured by Canon they just work on my XL1. I bought them on Amazon and it said the batteries are replacements for the type of battery it uses.

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    I had that same problem with my Xl1. I think it just wasn't seated properly because the battery seats up, not down and gravity was against it. I looked at the battery and the metal contacts were bent. I bent them back and for what ever reason, I never got error sign. But then again, the battery didn't drain fast, so that may not be the problem.


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    My Canon XL1 will show picture for only so long. After a few seconds, the picture goes out, and the viewfinder reads "Check Lens". I've tried cleaning the lens, and I've tried adjusting the iris and shutter speed. Maybe I am doing something wrong. Can anyone help me, please?

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    Hey guys I'm back. I got my Canon XL1 checked out, and the problem turned out to be worse than I thought. They did a diagnostic on it, and the problem was that it needs a new power board. They offer to fix it but it would cost $240 or they reduce it to $180 but it would take them longer to fix. If anyone could help, I was wondering. Is it worth to pump more money into this model of camera or just buy a new one?? This is a great camera, it works perfectly well, the only problem like I said before is it has that little icon to check the battery is always on. Any ideas? Anyone?

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    If the camera is working fine and it's only a visual annoyance that's the problem (i.e. the recording is okay), then I wouldn't bother spending more money on it. I'd save the cash and put it towards your next camera.
    Dave Owen

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    Thanks Dave. That's some great advice, I think I'll do that.

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    I have one more problem I need help with. I find it incredibly hard looking through the viewfinder on the Canon XL1. I started off with Canon GL2 and that came with a little lcd monitor, so it was easy to film and see where I was going. Its not the same on the XL1, I always have to see through the viewfinder and it makes it incredibly hard to maneuver around. Since I'm trying to do my own cinematography, and I want to be as loose and comfortable to move around as much as needed I thought I should maybe look into getting a little monitor for the XL1. I found one on Amazon but it cost $200, which is way outta my price range. My question is, would any lcd monitor with a tv input work on a Canon XL1? Or do I have to find a specific one? here's the LCD monitor I found on Amazon.

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