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    Looking For Video Processing Problems

    Dear mensches,

    I'm a third-year student. Our subdepartment works on compression and processing video. We have a tradition: the first product is a free VirtualDub filter. I wanna create something that people will really use for their purposes! And maybe one day someone will thank me and you (as my inspirer ).

    I'm here to ask you about problems you have editing videos. Maybe you or your friend work in a special field ( underwater filming for instance ) and need special processing.

    I know that stereo is being really popular now. And as it's a new field it must contain a lot of unsolved problems. It would be nice to know more about them.

    Problems connected with 3D and object detection are highly recommended!

    By the way, I suggest you take a look on my elder colleagues' filters. Here's a link:

    Thanks in advance!

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    I do some 3D video work, and resell the products - and I'd say there is a good deal of room to improve workflow for stereographic editors.

    I recently saw a thread where someone was trying to take anaglyph and convert it to side-by-side. This involved having a 2D version as well as the anaglyph to make it possible - and seemed very tedious. That would be a magic trick if you could simplify the process.

    Other than that - I think doing titles in stereo is challenging - and forget closed captioning, that is nearly impossible.


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