Hello Dear All,

I am in a special situation, and try to find a good solution for it. I use currently a fix configuration for streaming media, but want to change it to a free platform. The challange is, that it is few portion what could not be changed....

So currently i use a Windows 2003 Server as Streaming Server to serve Windows Media Video content to people. The Windows is running as a VirtualBox guest on a Solaris 10 operating system. Currently the people watch the stream via http:// and mms:// with Windows Media player or VLC, or from browser with browser plugin.

The parts that could NOT be changed is
- the Solaris 10 operating system of the server,
- the watched content type (Windows Media), or the watching avability from Windows Media Player or Browser (http://) with Media player plugin, without installing any codec.

So the question is, that is there any other streaming server software, that could make these same service - as Windows 2003 Srv with Windows Media services - but on Linux or UNIX platform????

If i must read RTFM then i would, but please help with a link, thanks with regards,