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    How can i start to persue photography as a career?

    O.K, so I'm only 15, but I like photography and would like to peruse it as a career someday. I have a decent digital camera, It's a 5mp camera with a 4x optical zoom and a pretty decent lens. It's just a point a shoot, but I didn't have $700 to spend on an slr. I've read a book that taught me about aperture and iso and stuff. Anyway, can photography be a potential career? What could I do, if it made decent money I would like shooting weddings and events and stuff (I like candid photography best) but am willing to explore other options. Know, since I'm only 15 I know I wont be making any money for awhile but what can I do now to prepare for later? I mean like practising my photography. Oh yeah, I am decent at editing my photos and have Paint Shop Pro. So, yeah, what can I do know and what should I do later?

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    It's good you are thinking about career opportunities at a young age. Are you able to do anything for your school? You could ask to take photos of your competitive sports or volunteer to be on the yearbook team. That way you can have a reference of your work when you start charging people for your work. Another thing to think about is Junior/Senior prom. If there is not a paid photographer there, that would be an excellent way for a bunch of people to be at one location for you to get some good shots. (if you are looking for candid, there you go!) I mostly shoot video at weddings and for commercials. There is always a student who wants to practice and tag along. I'm sure a photographer in your area would want a 2nd shooter at a wedding, if anything, just for some shots that would have been missed. My best advise to prepare for later is to have good business sense now. There are tons of photographers out there who are great shooter/editors but know nothing about getting good clients and keeping them by being professional and respectful. That along with a little bit of talent, luck and opportunity you will make it as far as you want to go. Wish I would have started at 15. Good luck!

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    hi guys
    m 29.. z it late to step in photography or it dsnt matter coz i thought all u need love n passion for art...

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    Moneca, always remember there's no age limit in photography as long as you like to see the beauty of the world.



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