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    Greetings from Toronto, Canada.

    I came across your website through your Youtube channel and wanted to drop by. Insofar as Adobe and Premiere goes, I haven't used it before but I have dabbled with Photoshop at various stages of its life cycle and iMovie on my Mac and I'm here to find out if Premiere could be a evolutionary step. My interest right now is to try and get into post editing; using After Effects and Maya and that sort of software.

    On the hardware side, I have a 2008 Mac Pro with 2x 2.8 quad cores with 10GB of memory but my weakest link is the 2600XT video card which may or may not be slowing me down but I find scrubbing in iMovie shows its flaw. I'm thinking of picking up a flashed GTX260 card off eBay to fix that.

    Anyhow, I hope to learn a few things or two and possibly share with this community.

    Reply back with what was it that attracted you here and what plans you have for your new found knowledge.


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    Hello....I'm a newbie in here....hope to know more on you guys...


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