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    Editing formats..

    Hello chaps,

    I'm very new to editing and have only actual practical experience with iMovie but not with any claim of proficiency. What I am finding most challenging is the type of format to use. The pre-processing takes a long time and it's very discouraging for a new beginner because what I'm doing right now is taking MKVs or m2ts files and converting them to MPEG2 or .MOV to allow iMovie to see them with a program called VisualHub or alternatively, Skysoft's conversion software. Is there a more elegant solution to working with post production footage like those you get off the internet (MKV/MPEG2/FLV (off Youtube), etc. ?

    There's also a matter of splicing footages or whatever it's called in the industry. If I come across a scene or segment of footage in a movie that I'd like to use, is there a way to use software like Premeire/FinalCutPro to segment out that scene or do I have to render the whole movie and then splice them individually? Would be nice if a software would do all that and in real time instead of so much provisioning.

    Anyway, thanks for hearing me out. Hope it's not too rudimentary for the seasoned editors.


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    what is the issue with iMovie? it seems you haven't much experience with the program, and i would recommend to become more familiar. you definitely can't go wrong with Final Cut Pro, just be prepared to do a lot of reading and tutorials to become skilled in it.

    another great program is Adobe Premiere Pro. You can export your videos in .FLV and use the free FLV player / converter at

    what kind of videos are you exactly making by splicing movie scenes? this may help with better advice. good luck!

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    May I suggest you use fcpx? It's built like an imovie but has pro features. the best part about it is that, fcpx does the rendering for you, so you don't have to worry much about formats! check out coz he gives tutorials on fcpx. Enjoy! =]

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    Final Cut Pro isn't too hard to use; I mainly just use the Cut tool for standard editing, so there's only one button to know!


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