I've mentioned before how I enjoy watching specialized media content on the net. NASA TV (www.nasa.gov/multimedia/nasatv) is one such opportunity to watch niche content at it's best.

Right now I'm watching the buildup to the Deep Impact mission, where an impactor will collide with a comet.

On one hand the NASA TV program isn't as smooth as it could be - for example the presenter sometimes gets talked over by the comms system, and the program can sometimes get a bit confused. Even so, because the content is of great interest to me, I couldn't care less about the production values. It's far more riveting than anything on mainstream TV.

NASA TV also broadcasts through conventional means, but for most niche markets this is not practical. The net really makes it doable.

This type of broadcast is awesome. The sooner more of this type of content is available the quicker mainstream TV will decline.