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    Cool MegaPath Tech Talk Video Contest - $30,000 in prizes!

    Hi guys!

    A new contest on Zooppa for MegaPath is up! They are asking filmmakers to make a 60 second video that somehow features techies using obscure high-tech jargon to discuss the finer points of communications technology.

    There's an early entry award of $2000. Those videos that are submitted before July 1st 4pm are eligible.

    The grand prize is $10,000.

    For non-filmmakers there are 3 sharing awards available - each $500. All you have to do is tell your friends!

    For IT professionals: there is a special contest and a set of prizes set aside just for you!

    For more information:

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    The early entry date is coming up! Submit a video by this Friday to be eligible to win $2000 in addition to the $10000 grand prize!

    You can also win $500 for doing no work - just post this contest on your Facebook or other social media channels! Find out more here!

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    Come check out the videos that have been submitted to the contest so far! They're really funny!

    Here is the early entry winner: "I'm IT"

    My personal favorite is "Goin' Vishing"

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    Jargon Contest ending soon!

    Hey! The MegaPath jargon contest is ending in less than 2 days! Submit your entry before 4pm on Friday for your chance to win $500! Details here.

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