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    Which Tripod should I buy?

    Hi Guys,

    You're probably all fed up annswering this question for beginners like me but I have just bought a Sony AX2000 and want to get into Wedding and Business promotion productions.

    What type of tripod should I buy? I'm looking for advice on both the legs but particularly the head.

    Also, what should iexpect to pay and can you recommend any good site in the Uk or ireland to buy from?

    Thanksin advance

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    I can't tell you what to buy but I can tell what features I like.

    I prefer tripods that can extend as tall as me or taller - I stand 5 ft 6 in. AND that can put my camera extremely low. I prefer quick locks for the legs, not the type you have to twist constantly to loosen or tighten - that takes up too much time. I prefer a column that is gear cranked - I think it's a better precision and will lock down rather than slip up/down.

    You really should figure out what features you want/need because what somebody else uses may not be for you.
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    I use, and love the Sachtler FSB6. Quality lasts...
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    Is the Fancierstudio AVTP Professional 75mm Video Camera Tripod with Fluid Drag Head By Fancierstudio FT9901 TT tripod good for lets say a Canon XL1?? I think its a beautiful tripod I'm not sure if it will b great for camcorder though?

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    I know this sounds abit crazy but, take a look into the manfrotto HDV-561B. If you're doing weddings you might want to set up and tear down as fast as possible with little fuss. It's discontinued for most parts of the world. But, I got mine from amazon! =D Apart from that, I attach weights to the end to make it a "Steadicam" and extend the pole to it's maximum to do "crane" shots. You can check out this video I did []

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