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Thread: Youtube Ideas?

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    Youtube Ideas?

    I'm thinking of making new youtube videos as they Youtube asked me if I wanted to become a partner, but since my videos are basically not featuring me and not all of them are made my be, I don't think Youtube will allow me to become a partner.
    So does anyone have any good youtube video ideas that will attract a lot of users?

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    youtube ideas

    What are the kind of content they are looking at? I am into content creation.

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    My friends and I came up with an idea. It was of a white conservative christian guy and a gay black atheist guy rooming together. It suppose to be some comedy webisodes, I'm not sure if your into that though. The title would b the Roomies!
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    dude, ideas are by far the easiest part of this gig. If you can't dream up some coolness to shoot, I'm thinkin' you should skip the shootin'.

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    I believe there are hallucinogens that can help you ;P kidding! check on vimeo. maybe you'll get ideas there. All I can say is, try to keep it short as possible.

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    What do you like to make? What can you make? Watch videos of those who have made it. Make some videos. Fail. Learn. Work you bum off. If you can't think of what to make, but have the skills, hop on the old CL and try and meet someone who has the ideas, but not the skills to make it happen.


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