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    Short Film Competition “Choose Your Own Salary“

    Hello everyone,

    the company Vollmer & Scheffczyk GmbH (V&S) is inviting hobby film enthusiasts and film freaks to participate in the short film competition “Choose Your Own Salary“!
    What's it all about? We are a management consultancy firm for Lean Management and have introduced a new and radical business model. Everyone in our team specifies their own salary. They earn what they deserve.
    “Are they crazy – or is that a brilliant idea?“ This is what we want to discuss with future colleagues – after they have seen your film and have become curious.

    For more information click here:

    How does it work?
    • You send your concept with your own idea by 15th April 2011. Our jury will then decide which 10 concepts will go to the next round.
    • These ten can then go ahead and film their idea by 31st May 2011. Then finally our jury will select three favourites.
    • And then we will allow the target group to decide: We will publish these three films on the career portal ““.

    • First submit your concept! The film implementation only comes in the second step.
    • The only requirement is the specification of the language (German or English).
    • You decide yourself about the format of the later video.
    • First read about the conditions for participation.

    Of course there will also be prizes for the best videos:
    1st Prize 3.000 €*
    2nd Prize 1.500 €*
    3rd Prize 750 €*
    Apart from this we will be presenting the winning clip on our website and be using it for recruiting purposes.

    If you have any questions then simply write to us:

    You will be great! We are looking forward to you!
    Your V&S-Team

    * exchange to the value of the country’s currency to the particular exchange rate

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    Final spurt. The countdown is on.

    Round one of the video competition „Choose Your Own Salary“ is about to end in a couple of days.
    Participate now and submit your concept by Friday, 15th April 2011.

    How does it work?

    We are looking forward to your submittals.
    Your V&S Team

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    The initial phase of our short film competition „Choose your own salary“ is over.

    Thank you very much for your participation! For the evaluation your concepts will be provided to our jury .

    When we have the result the second phase - shoot the film - will start.

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    Jury Decision is made.

    The decision is made.

    To all of you who participated a big thank you. Now the shooting is about to start. On June 15, 2011 the voting of the winner video will be on the Website of!

    We are looking forward to some creative and emotional movies!

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    „Choose your own Salary“ – the second phase – shoot the film – is over!

    The movies we have received are now on the table of our jury. They will decide which three films get into the final.

    From 15th June 2011 until 30th June 2011 the voting runs on the career-website There we want to let the target group vote directly – high potentials, which want more from their job than a regular source of income.

    Stay tuned - we are looking forward to the decision of the jury and the voting!

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    Start of the final voting

    We are all set. The films which get into the final round are online.

    The poll opens from June 15, 2011 until June 30, 2011 on the recruiter website of “”.

    Thanks to all participants! We are excited which film is going to win the contest.

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    The Winner is certain

    The winner of the short-film-contest „Choose your own salary“ initiated by Vollmer & Scheffzyk GmbH is now certain. The message fokuses on V&S‘s new salary model: Choose your own salary in combination with the following values - performance, self-determination, and responsability.

    Thank you very much for your participation.

    Check the video out…

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