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    How do you get better SEO results for a site

    How do you get better SEO results for a site if you have already altered the title tags and images?
    I am optimizing a site and have 5 keyword phrase i want to show up in Google. I have good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) results for 2 of the keywords. But I can't figure out how to get the other 3 to become top result in Google. I have inserted the keywords in the title tags and image alt texts. Can anyone tell me what else I need to do

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    For getting better SEO results you must require both on page and off page activities of SEO. Here you mention that you had already set titles and alt tag so now you have to start building back links of your website. Start social bookmarking, web commenting, content submission, forum posting, etc. Always do such stuffs in only your relevant websites which has good page rank and provide do follow links.
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    Hello Dave,

    Thanks for sharing this useful link with us. Actually I was looking for "content based SEO" and searched lots of websites. But through your answer I can able to information regarding "Content Based SEO".

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    On page and off page both parameters plays huge role for ranking a website in search results, Some of experts says 23 to 24% on page factor and 66 to 67% off page factor including social media share their contribution.
    For getting better results in search engine the one of the necessary condition is: Your site should serve best in your niche to your users/visitors.

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    Off page plays very huge role in SEO. Web directory and social bookmarking help to make back links for the website.

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    To get a batter result on page and off page both are required. If you have done your on page than start doing off page for the website like social bookmarking, directory submission, forum posting, blog commenting etc, in short start doing off page for the website.

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    For getting rank on Google both on page and off page plays important role, the most and simplest way to get back links for the website you can submit directory and social bookmarking for the website, it help to make back links for the website.

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    May be the phrases you have targeted are of high competition, just having keywords in article or with anchor text is not necessary and sufficient condition for getting ranked.

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    There are many tips to improve you site or better SEO result. Once again thanks to Dave for sharing such useful link. I am trying to mention some other points to better SEO result.

    Create good navigation links
    Make your page copy relevant and descriptive
    Use keyword rich title tags on each page
    Create a separate web page for each keyword or keyword phrase
    Add footer links to every page
    Add Google Analytics to each page
    Include core content within your site
    Get listed on local search engines and directories.
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