It doesn’t matter if you are a creative in Sydney or Sao Paulo, New Delhi or
New York, the chance to be seen on the biggest stage is what it is all about.

And the Super Bowl is the biggest of big.

So here’s your chance.

Chevrolet has committed to give at least one of their Super Bowl spots to a creative, a film maker, a script writer, like you, it doesn’t matter where you are from or how long you have been working, if your work is the best you win and your ad runs.


The brief is really open.

Make a film that celebrates the joy of travelling on the open road as captured by ‘The Spirit of Route 66’.

Doesn’t have to literally be shot on Route 66, or even set on Route 66 but has to capture the Spirit of Route 66.

You have 30 seconds to make a name for yourself in front of an audience of over 100 million people.

And because the Super Bowl Ad Challenge is now one of the advertising industry’s most watched competition you will be presenting your work to the very people who will buy your work.

At MoFilm our mission is to connect aspiring film makers to the world’s biggest brands so you can see why we are so excited about the Chevrolet opportunity.

Go to, register, read and start writing.

There are a number of awards along the way. The first prize pot for scripts s $15,000

The first phase recognises the best scripts and the deadline for this is August 1st.