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    Can give some advice?

    I want to buy Sony HandyCam NXCAM, but I don't know a better camera, in the same price

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    You prolly wanna keep researching, man. Nobody can tell you the best fit for your workflow and your budget. You just need to educate yourself on the options and capabilities within your budget.
    I'd look long and hard at RED scarlet and Canon's 5D mII first. I do like many things about the NX but (in my personal workflow and budget) I'd steer more towards a sweet and marketable (not to mention way cheap) DSLR. Dude, I dig the 5D. It's a little badass.

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    Thank you, I know what to do

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    I agree

    You mean the NEX- FS100? What do you need it to shoot it for? Personally, I think, that the 6k used for the NXCAM is a worthwhile investment but that also depends on whether my entire workflow can work optimally with it. If not, I'd get perhaps a 5D MkII or any dslr(which is cheaper) so I can also splurge on pre-production budget and post production or the workflow etc.


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