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    Premiere pro 7 dvd issue

    I have ther old version of premiere pro version 1 and the later premiere Elements 2

    I bought the original pro 7 while I was still working seems like 10 years ago. We retired and moved to Louisiana from Atlanta in 1999 and our stuff went into storage. I didn't touch a compter until last year when we moved into a new house.
    I found CDs, dvds but little paperwork. Everything works in Elements but Pro 7 will not see the dvd drive.
    Any Ideas?


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    I heard the Trial version of Premiere Pro 7 will not let you export to dvd, but this cost me seems like $475 years ago. I bought it before I had a dvd drive. I loaded it when I got my first dvd drive but the computer was too slow to run the program. I just put the old HD with premiere pro 7 in a newer Dell 3.2 as a second drive, so now I've got plenty of speed and space. Everything works fine, the problem is PP7 doesn't see my LG DVD rewriter drive that came in the 3.2 dell.
    All my programs original boxes are still in a storage locker 15 miles away along with almost everything I own.

    During the startup of PP7 it says:

    Adobe Premiere Pro 7.0 Columbo

    Any thing else I can verify about PP7?

    I can't believe I spent $450 on a trial version.

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    Skip it. Does ecore see it?

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