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    Video Capture

    Hey Guys. I'm trying to capture video to the FCP 7. The format that was record in is 720 60p This is how I selected in Easy Setup. However when I try to capture the video all I hear is sound but there is no video. Please help me to resolve this problem. Thanks

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    Have you tried finding the root of the problem besides in fcp7? Playback in VTR mode and see if it's ok. Try using a new wire(or firewire) in this case.

    If everything works fine then you'd wanna go deeper than just 'Easy setup'. Go to 'final cut pro'>'Video/Audio Settings' and make sure to check your 'device control preset' accordingly.

    On another note, perhaps your capture settings have been altered somehow; which makes this article useful;


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    Thank you for your advice. Unfortunately FCP doesn't support such camera. It is too old I would guess. Instead I connected my camera to pc with a help of Firewire-USB adapter, however the premier cs5 doesn't see my camera either. I would assume because of the missing codec or some kind of additional software. please advice. Thank you once again.

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    Perhaps you have not installed kompanenty DirectShow ... ...? mac
    I do not know what to offer and more ...
    Perhaps the reason for post # 2
    I wonder if I go to MAC my sony HDR FX1000 also would be the problem...?
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