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    Free Editing Software

    Hey All,

    I am wondering is there any free video editing software? I personally use Final Cut Pro, but I have a High School group that I am teaching the editing basics. Since I have no budget to purchase software, is there any good, or at least ok video editing software out there?


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    Quote: charles29
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    You can try a software: FormatFactory
    It looks like FormatFactory is video conversion software, not editing software. Also, I am assuming that iMovie on the Mac and Windows Movie Maker on the PC will not suffice is this case. Any more suggestions?

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    Open Shot free Editing Software

    There are a number of packages available. Most recently I have begun to use Open Shot from

    It works very well however, it was originally developed to be used in a Linux environment. There was some discussion of a Windows version but I do not know how that has developed as I work in a Windows Free Zone. Another potential product may be coming from I am not sure of its progress but it may be cross platform.

    Lots'a Luck and continue having a nice day

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    Avid dv is free editing software but is hart to find for download, try a free torrent on google.

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    Try VideoPad Video Editor - it's basic, free and ought to do the job.

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    You should try Lightworks (open source)


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