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    Looking for Ares Import program (NAGRA)

    I have a NAGRA Ares-C portable digital recorder. Recording support is PCMCIA card using a proprietary format "Nagra format". For the moment, I can't read any recorded sound on my computer. Ares Import has to be installed on my pc in order to read Nagra formatted cards. I need this program Ares Import to run under Windows XP or MAc OS 9 or X. Il includes a media player and conversion feature that allows to save all kind of audio files (RAW MPEG, WAV, BWF...).
    Thank you

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    Re: Looking for Ares Import program (NAGRA)

    Try this site. I hope this is what you need.

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    Re: Looking for Ares Import program (NAGRA)

    Hi there,

    I'm having some problems with my NAGRA ARES C.
    I can record and play only with two very small (10MB) PCMCIA STRATA CARDS.
    I noticed that the NAGRA formatted cards have a proprietary format. Does anybody know wheter a NON NAGRA card can be formatted with a NAGRA proprietary format ?
    I recently bought a couple of 1,2GB PCMCIA STRATA CARDS, but the display of the ARES C gives me an error message while the cards are inserted in the slot (he writes INVALID CARD). Therefore after this message there is NOTHING that can be done with those cards.
    Anybody knows how can I fix that problem ??
    Anybody knows wheter the ARES IMPORT CD program could help ??
    Just for your knowledge I'd like to tell you that my ARES C is Serial number 1900510 Version 3.10 (DECK), MOTHER BOARD 3.11, DSP TYPE 2, no ISDN.
    I'm prepared to pay any charge and/or fee if anybody could provide to me usefull hardware and softfware.
    Thank you in advance for your kind help.


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