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    How to sarat a career with photography

    Hi, i like photography and i would do the peruse it as a career someday, but how please give suggestion.

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    You can start with inserting your works to the photo stocks like fotolia. If your photos are good enagh, you can start earning money and it will give a chance to improve your skills.

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    Yes, This is great job. You need only a Good camera and going hard work. First time you have to learn about the photography and then you start the job. Actually it's not easy work. But if you can do this job better way, then you get lot of money of this job.

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    Don't forget a photographer take the photos, not camera. Photos help you present your vision of world, your point view. Important are your skills and after will come money. You should have portfolio, of course page will also help you. You must show that you know how take a photos, clients needs proof. Give them photos they will give you a work.

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    I can share my own experience here. Firstly I started photography as my hobby. I have to travel different places and there I started to take pictures as hobby. But now I am thinking to take this passion as a profession, so I am trying to learn photography from different online sources.


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