It's time to expose the absurdity about some of Coors Light's product claims.

Cold!? Coors Light has consistently marketed "cold" as their main product benefit, But, in reality, cold is a function of refrigeration and not a result of anything unique or proprietary to Coors Light. And now they're pushing the envelope further by promoting "super cold"!

And what about all that Rocky Mountain spring water and mountain imagery? C'mon, Coors Light is now brewed in multiple locations around the country. You can't see the Rockies from their brewery in Georgia!

So you're getting the picture. Poke fun and bring out the facts. But please don't stray from the truth. We're not out to "tarnish" the brand or the beer, only to comment on the advertising.

Please read the creative brief for all the details, including guidance on what you can and can't say in your videos.

Deadline: September 6, 2011.