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Thread: please help me

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    please help me

    I have an mp4 player and i upgraded it with a wrong firmware. as result my display went was not at all detecting my player.then i found a recovery guide in the link included in this site. as mentioned in it i diassembled my player and shorted the memory chip. now windows is
    detecting my player as ADFU device and not as a flash device. i am attaching the picture of my player model. i have tried to recover with several fws. even though fw upgrade was sucesses windows still detecteting it as ADFU& mp3 player utilities shows "NOW ON RECOVERY MODE,PLEASE SELECT FIRMWARE FOR RECOVERY". please help me. some one please. i am scared.
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    please if you can tell me the company name and/or any other details, i'll be very grateful.

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    i can give you the detials but it aint gonna help you so give it up i tried but they drive me crazy and if you got anything send me at


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