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    Speakers and Amp matching

    I am a beginner at running sound. I currently have three questions that are actually probably pretty extensive.

    1. I bought 2 JBL JRX 125 mains that came with a Behringer EP 4000 amp. Do these to match in rating and why is this? ( I have tried understanding ohms and amp rating and I still haven't gotten it)

    2. I have 2 Cerwin Vega EL_36 Jr Earthquake Subs and I am looking for an amp to push them. I was considering just getting another Behringer EP 4000. Is this a stupid idea and why is this.

    What would be a probable setup for my dbx 223xl crossover, how should I run the signal for the most control on my Mackie 24 vlz Bus mixer. No mono channel slider control but has 2 xlr, 2 1/4", and one single mono xlr out with knob control on back.

    (P.S. I am not huge into whether its the Top Brand or not. I just need what pushes them well and efficiently without the setup breaking the bank.)
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