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    Mixer (BAL / XLR) Output to BOSE L1 (UNBALANCED / TS) Input


    have a gig on friday whereby I will be using my Mackie ONYX 1640i board > via XLR snake to stage > BOSE L1 (Model 1) 1/4" Unbalanced Input.

    I have XLR to TS cables (Hosa)...from the snake's Outs to the BOSE heads...but was wondering:

    1) What exactly happens inside that adapter cable...??? For Stereo XLR Outputs (L & R)...two pins (1 & 3) are hot (+ & -) & one pin (2) is earth, correct...??? So...going to the 1/4" TS side (where pin 1 is hot & pin 2 is earth ?)...what happens to pin 3...??? Is it shunted to ground, tied to 1, or left open...???

    2) Is this my correct connection between these two devices (XLR > TS)...???

    3) What happens if I use XLR > TRS into that 1/4" unbanaced Input...???

    thanx very much,


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    Hi Mark4man,
    Your board also has 1/4" connectors on it's output for unbal/bal. I suggest you use this output and go TS/TS from you board to your speaker.

    It is my recommendation that you DO NOT go from a balanced output to an unbalanced input (or visa versa) - it can create audio problems. Either connect bal/bal or unbal/unbal but don't mix the two.
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