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    Re-branding Proposal

    Greetings, I just got in contact with a CEO for a multi-million dollar company after I had visited their websites and found out their web-presents sucks as far as look and feel is concerned. I proposed a re-branding of the entirety of their websites and got a green light to present a proposal tomorrow. The proposal should include everything concerned with re-branding of the entirety of the company and I am stuck trying to figure out how the proposal should look and what should be on the proposal and what should not. I need help with ideas ASAP!

    Thank you in advance


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    Are you serious? I sure hope not

    Pro tip: Don't offer to present a proposal to a multi-million dollar company until you feel confident that you can deliver said proposal. If you think this is the sort of thing that can be answered in a forum post, I'm afraid you're dreaming. Sorry to be harsh but that's the situation.
    Dave Owen

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