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    Differences in safe zones

    I am an OB guy and I recently noticed that the downconverted 4:3 SD frame by a Harris X50 and the masked very HD 16:9 frame on my SONY broadcast LCD monitor are not exactly the same. I checked the X50 menu but found no setting for, say, downconversion frame adjustment. Is there any difference in the interpretations of safe zone between the two manufacturers?

    By the way, I also noticed that the picture quality of the X50 downconversion is much better than the SONY downconversion card(sorry, I don't remember the model) especially in terms of edge sharpness. However,in an earlier test, we found the same edge 'drop shadow' problems with Harris X85 converter. Does it have sth to do with wrong setting? If so, which setting can help improve the edge performance.

    Thank you.

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    Hi Kenny,
    Whether Safe Title or Safe Action, these borders need to be confirmed as accurate in reference to SMPTE Standards or what you consider, 'the standards'. Maybe there's a calibration issue or setup markers were set incorrectly. You can't second guess the possibilities - only use it for process of elimination to get your answer. Also double check with the manufacturer as to how these markers are setup.

    But one thing to remember, 4:3 will vary due to overscan, so you'll have to compensate for what would be safe.
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