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    Canon HV30 and Adobe Premiere Pro CS5

    Hello everyone. This is my first time posting. I just bought a hv30 and I use Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 to edit. I have seen some footage of what the hv30 is capable of and it looks remarkable. Recently I recorded some footage when the camera was in HDV mode but when i dumped the footage into premiere it looked like regular SD footage. My question is do you have to use HDV tapes to get the 1080p clarity or is there something I'm doing wrong? Currently I'm using the Sony DV tapes.

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    Hi and welcome. No, you don't have to use HDV tapes to get the full resolution - regular tapes will do the same thing. However HDV tapes are more reliable and I'd recommend using them.

    You need to have a look at the properties of your video in Premiere to know for sure what you're dealing with. It's a bit hard to speculate based on how it looks to your eye. In the project panel, have a look at all the information next to the file name (you'll need to scroll right or maximize the panel by pressing the ~ key). In the "Video Info" column you should see the resolution. Another way to get this info is to right-click one of the files in the project panel and select Properties. You should be able to copy and paste the information from there into a message and post it here if you want us to take a look.

    If you find that it is indeed SD instead of HDV, you probably need to check all the settings in both your camera (in case your camera is downscaling for export) and the Premiere import panel (to make sure you're importing at full HDV). But we really need to know exactly what we're dealing with first, so see if you can confirm the resolution.
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