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    Browser detection for what type of video file to play

    I am working with 2 types of files. wmv and flash. I want IE to only load and play the wmv and FF and Chrome to play the swf. I am doing this so that the controls are hidden for my entry videos.. I was using the object method for wmv and IE and embed method for playing flash in all other browsers. Unfortunately what is happening is that IE is playing the WMV but also playing a second video stream that is delayed which I guess is coming from the flash embedded video. I am new at this embedding venture. Maybe there is a better way to do what I wnat to do. If so I can't find it on the web. Please help.

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    Try the technique on this page:

    Your code would have this layout:
    <!--[if IE]>
    Put all the code for playing wmv here.
    <![if !IE]>
    Put all the flash code here.
    Dave Owen


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