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    Update-heavy site

    I'm building an information and update-heavy website (a departure from my norm). What I'd like to do, ideally, is add new information at the top of the main page and have older information at the bottom automatically moved to a back page. The site will archive everything, so eventually, adding new information will automatically alter many, many pages as older posts are moved to older pages.

    Is there an easy way to do this? Does this happen automatically depending on the size of pages?

    Fairly new to this.


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    What you're referring to is called pagination, in which new pages are automatically created to hold older material. In most paginated systems you can choose how much material fits on a single page before some of it is moved to the next page. This forum uses pagination - as new threads and posts are added, older ones are automatically moved to new pages and gradually fade into the background - although they're always there if you need them.

    The bad news is that you actually have to have some sort of system to create this pagination process - it doesn't happen by magic and it won't happen with a normal "static" web page. In the case of this forum, pagination is a feature of the software that runs it. Blogs also use pagination and it's a feature of whatever blog software you use (e.g. Wordpress).

    For your website I think these are your options:

    (1) Pay someone to write a script to paginate your pages. A script is essentially a piece of software that runs on your server and handles interactive or automated functions. Unfortunately this will be expensive and comes with other potential problems.
    (2) Learn how to write scripts yourself. Steep learning curve.
    (3) Try to find some existing software or other solution and integrate it into your site. For example you could look at customizing a blog layout from

    In any case I'm afraid there's no easy answer. It's really in the realm of experienced web designers, or at least someone who is prepared to put a great deal of effort into learning.

    Whatever you decide, good luck!
    Dave Owen


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