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    HD video comes out a bit blurry

    For video making I'm using:

    -Sony HD Camcord HDR-CX110
    -Corel Video Studio Pro X3

    Here is an example of what I mean when the video comes out a bit blurry.

    This video shows a GranFondo road race and downhill biking in Whistler.

    Any suggestions on how to get smoother motion with my current camera and video software?


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    where should i begin.....

    well my friend, what you are portraying here is one of the most common but tricky problems on video and media broadcast. encoding video for the web is very much content dependant. meaning, assuming the original footage is sharp of course, that left -right movement, no tripod,interlaced formats and other element are very intensive and problematic for video encoders.
    i have added these links to douglas spotted eagle's videos. explaining much of the tricks to shoot video for the web. these are very helpful though sports videos are probably the toughest ones to encode. note that every pixel that changes needs to be encoded.
    if you would like, i'll try to help you specificaly for this video. maybe reversing field dominance, or actualy reversing the whole video(so movement will be left to right) will help. also, try to set a higher bit rate for the exported file so you'lle get a higher quality before uploading to youtube. youtube also transcodes your movie to their format.

    here are the links. very knowledgable guy spotted eagle. enjoy.


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