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    Hooking up multi studio monitors

    Hey there i was wondering if you guys can help me out...So i currently am running two Maudio Bx5as but i want to buy a pari of Bx8as to run along side my others but just don't know how or what equipment i would need to allow me to run 4 speakers all playing the same out put..I.E. two right channels One bx5a and one Bx8a and two left channels one bx5a and one bx8a...I mostly just mix and produce vocal recording type stuff with mixing of different songs i know this sounds a little strange to some people to set it up like that but ive seen in many studios a multi speaker set up and i would like that HELPPPP

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    i am guessing you mean you want to toggle between two or more sets of monitors and not playing from all of them together right?
    well, first you need an audio switcher. commonly sold on audio and music shops. to this switch tha has lets say, one stereo input(to this one you connect your l-r output from the sound card- currently i guess this is connected straight to the maudio monitors). and 3 stereo outs. output no.1 connected to the maudio monitors, output no.2 to 2nd set of monitors and so and so. by using the switch you can choose the set of speakers to output the audio from.
    that's the whole deal. keep in mind that unamped monitors needs an external amp.... so choose carefully.



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