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    How to check if pics are copyrighted or not

    We are using images from flickr and other free photos provider websites on our website, suggest us that if any body file a copyright case against us what will be the solution for this process , and tell us that how we come to know the pics we have used in our sites are copy right reserved, and give me the source if u have

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    First of all, if you don't know whether a particular image is copyright then you have to assume that it is, and not use it. If you really want it, you'll need to track down its copyright status and see if it's available and what fees/conditions might apply.

    Photos on flickr vary in their exact licenses and permissions. See this page for details.

    A good approach is to search image websites by license, i.e. search for photos that have the right type of permission for your project.

    I keep a database of the images I use. I record the file name, license type, source URL, attribution details, etc. It's a bit time-consuming but once you get into the habit, it's not so bad. In any case you need some system to track your image licensing, so that when that copyright case comes your way, you'll have the paperwork to cover yourself.
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    Well, there is not any particular tool available which shows us that image is copyrighted or not. If there is any watermark or logo printed on the image then you should assume that this image is copyrighted. I would suggest you that if you have to use images in your business website then you must have to purchase images from image sellers like shutterstock, istock, etc. By using those images you will make sure that you donít use images which are copyrighted. Also, purchased images will help you in branding as it is your own image and nobody will use it.


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