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    Split screen Flash playback?

    Every time I try and play a video from, say, Youtube, I get a split screen - horizontally - with a thick green line dividing the 2 halves.

    The 'full' video can be seen in both halves.

    This is extremely annoying but I have no idea how to rid myself of this affect.

    Can any one tell how to fix this please?

    Many thanks.

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    (1) Make sure you're using the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.

    (2) If that doesn't work, go to any YouTube video. Right-click on the video screen and select "Settings". Make sure the "Display" tab is active (the little TV screen in the bottom left). Uncheck the box labelled "Enable hardware acceleration". Close your browser, then return to YouTube and see if it's fixed.
    Dave Owen


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